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Ospitalle delle Rifiorenze

Things did not go as planned on our way to Florence. Trenitalia arrived late at Milan and the following happened: we missed our train, almost went to Venice (the Italian conductor led us to believe we were on our way to Florence), hopped out of said train, went back to Milan, boarded train to Florence, arrived at Santa Maria Novella Termini. Whew. 

We arrived at the station at around 11 in the evening. Our original plan was to walk from the station to our hostel. We ended up riding a taxi to our hostel. 

We booked a 4 bed, mixed, shared room at Ospitalle delle Rifiorenze for 3 nights via Hostelworld. The hostel is actually a large room (or warehouse?). It has a series of dividers, complete with doors and outlets and lights, which make up the rooms. Think of cubicles in the office, only much higher. These dividers don’t reach up to the high ceiling, but they’re high enough for privacy.

The hostel only has shared bathrooms. Each bathroom has its own toilet, sink and shower. The bathrooms are old and there were no curtains or dividers to separate the shower from the toilet and sink. Tip: shared bathrooms are cleanest in the morning (around 5-6AM).

This hostel offers free internet and computer use, but has no breakfast. We payed €89,10 for 2 people, for 3 nights plus US$17.99 for deposit and service charge (from Hostelworld). http://www.firenzeospitale.it/

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